The World needs to be Heard, Understood & Loved.   

To define myself would be to limit me. My true passion lies in Fashion Styling & Art Direction, as well as creating concepts which I then transfer to my photography & illustrations.

My day-to-day is capturing the non-verbal communication of Fashion by analyzing individuals dress related behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, and how these are influenced by others. Thus, I can introduce new stories to each photo shoot... like a mental make-up translated to Creative Rationality.

I also plan & coordinate Fashion Photography shoots by fixing all the necessary: from solving scenery, creating outfits, getting the hair & make-up done right.

*Specialties: Fashion Therapist, Consultant, Fixer, Photography, Creative Direction & Concept Story Creation.

"Fashion is about attitude, creativity, passion ...and not a matter of wanting to belong." That is me, Vale Simantob ...making people's wishes come true and thus realizing mine.