ACIDO By La Luli - Fashion Show - Designers Look BA 2014 - Tattersall Palermo.

As a Fashion Stylist, I worked with La Luli for her Fashion Catwalk in "Designers Look BA 2014" In Tattersall Palermo. It was an Event with the Most Important Designers of Argentina.

- Organizing the models, controlling and helping each model to be prepared with each outfit, hairstyle and make up.

ACIDO characterized by the wide selection of fabrics, for the maximalism in the styling of each of the outfits and the coexistence between tailoring and messy clothes. Hand made painted leather jackets or thousands of hand made-cut petals are some of the aspects of this hand made collection. A reminiscent of Mexico and Italian carnivals are the leitmotiv.

Description and Biography of La Luli.

While this is the first decision to make something of all this clothing, she has been manufacturing by herself and for herself and specially for performative shows as a front woman of her band “La Luli & the Explosivo Paz”, the world of fabrics she was bequeathed by his paternal grandfather, who was a very important tailor during the 60's, but maybe his first professional fashion approach, was when she was 14 years old when her mother, who had for 40 years manufacturing clothing and stores in Buenos Aires, took her as a buyer to Europe to select items for her stores. These trips took place for many years. Every 6 months traveling to Milan, Paris and London, selecting clothes to bring to Bs As. 

From those days she never stopped to create clothes almost compulsively.
In 2012 she created "Kuks", along with her sister (Natalia Kuks, who owned with other two partners the brand "Candela" for eight years) in New York. Unfortunately different visions make them stop their project, leaving behind only one collection, that was inspired by Paraguay, Guatemala and Uzbekistan and manufactured in India. They sold all over the United States, Japan and Europe.

Although she never made her designs and styling public, she always attracted the media mostly for her looks and her designs: Argentinean magazines like: Hola!, Caras, Viva, Rolling Stone, Gente, Brando, Veintitrés , Elle, Oh Lala, Noticias, Remix, D Mag, La Nacion, Galera, Wipe, etc.