Fashion Stylist - Fashion Art Director - Photography - Illustration.

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» BKCN London - Art Director, Fashion Stylist & Photographer.

CO-Founder since October 2012.


BKCN stands out by underlining the magical side of people. We capture emotions with original, appropriate and enduring work that defies the norm and cultivates change.

Motivated by the art of storytelling, we transform complex ideas into simple, elegant and natural high-impact photography. In BKCN, we love creating relationships and are very passionate about discovering and creating new stories.

  • Thrively Superfood Baking Mix- Heart Agency-  Product Photography for Campaign, Web & Social Media - Photography & Art Direction - March 2016.

  • Koko & Tree - Macadamia Nut Oil.- Product Photography for Campaign, Web & Social Media - Photography & Art Direction - August 2015.

  • Araminta Blue - Artist.- Cover Artist Exhibition - Photography & Film - July 2015 - Wilton’s Music Hall - London, UK.

  • What do you see when you look at me?- Creative Inspiration - Photography, Art Direction & Styling, July 2015, London, UK.

  • Palomo Spain - Menswear Design- Campaign Book - Photography & Art Direction, March 2015 - London, UK.

  • Palomo Spain - Menswear DesignConceptual Project - Photography & Art Direction, November 2013 - London, UK.

  • Beauty is a Destructive Angel- Creative Inspiration - Photography, Art Direction & Styling, June 2013 Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • Hunt or Be Hunted - Inspiration Work - Photography & Styling, May 2013 Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • Gone Girl - Inspiration Work - Photography & Styling, January 2013 Buenos Aires Argentina.

»  Art Director, Fashion Stylist & Photographer JAN 2010 - Currently freelancing.

Working with a diverse of Artists, Photographers and Designers, since 2010.

- Clara Cohen Photography - MAR 2016 - London UK.

  • Fashion Stylist

- Joaquin Luque Laguinge, Fashion Stylist - MAY 2015 - London UK.

  • Fashion Stylist

- Fashion Art Director/Stylist at ACIDO by La Luli - Fashion Show MAR 2014 - APR 2014 (1 Week)

  • Responsible for organizing the fashion show.

  • Control and organization of the models outfits, hair and makeup.  

- Fashion Art Director/Stylist at Javier Luna Photography for Fly Style Band Music.  APR 2012 - JUN 2012. (3 Months).

  • Lead Fashion Stylist & Art Direction.

  • HairStylist.

  • Make Up.

- Fashion Stylist and Art Director at Little Wing Producciones NOV 2010 - NOV 2012 (2 years 1 month)

Lead Fashion Stylist, Art Direction and Production Manager for all the fashion photoshoots. I also had the opportunity to do some photography and design work for special clients such as:   

  • Kongo Board (The first and only transparent Mini-Longboard design In South America)   Editorial Campaign: Autumn-Winter 2012 - Designer: Carlos Wydler.

  • Eggo Indumentaria (Clothing Company) Editorial Campaign: Autumn-Winter 2012 - Designer: Cecilia Ríos.   

- Fashion Stylist and Fashion Art Director at Web - Juan Pablo Franco - Professional PH JUN 2010 - NOV 2010 (6 months)   Working as Freelance Fashion Stylist.

  • Fashion Stylist for Web "JPF".

  • Location Research.

  • Photography Art Direction.

  • Concept Ideation.

»  Sales Advisor H&M - Store 701 St. Paul’s - Area 1, Central London - UK From JUN 2015 - NOV 2015. (5 Months)

During my stay in H&M, I was selected as the Employee of the month and Employee of the Area.

-  As a Sales advisors in H&M I was spreading the fun of fashion. Multitasking in customer service, arranging garments attractively, with High standards, on racks and shelves, locating merchandise for shoppers, ringing up customer purchases, and operating cash registers, working in a Fast pace move,

Other job duties were controlling the access to fitting rooms, unloading and organizing inventory and making sure the store looks attractive. As a sales advisors I should have outgoing personalities, trendy personal style and knowledge of current fashion trends.

H&M’s values were to inspire, guide and help our customers and colleagues in every way, and of course staying fully informed about all the campaigns and sales activities.

»  Administrative Assistant at YEL Informática S.A. NOV 2012 - JUL 2013 (9 months)

- Responsible for coordinating all the payments to suppliers and collecting customers payments.

- Office management: organizing files, diaries and company documentation.

- Worked close with the companies accounting firm, organizing all the forms and folders.  

»  Costume Design for Juegos Profanos, El Infierno MAR 2013 - JUN 2013 (4 months)

- Costume Design for a successful theater play based on the famous book by Carlos Olmos, "Juegos Profanos"

- Concept & Illustration for each unique outfit of the characters.  

»  PR at Darwin Multiespacio San Isidro DIC 2010 - MAR2012 (1 year 4 months)

»  General Manager at Screen S.A. - Norma Folatelli Location Manager MAR 2009 - NOV 2012 (3 years 9 months)

I specialized in personalized location searches and tracking for unique clients, handling all the account management, organizing, monitoring all the companies needs.

- In charge of administrative and legal suppliers and customers.

- Responsible for monitoring and coordinating the accounting, cash management, settlement and payroll.

- Create a strong relationship between the accounting firm in order to organize the lists, folders and payments.

- Monitoring and management of employees (workers and guards locations) experienced in the recruitment.

- Monitoring web development, Image retouching (photography, outsourcing and selection).

- Survey locations and getting new customers and customer retention through our database.

- Organized the director’s agenda, suppliers and customers.  

»  Fashion Show Assistant at VII Sicilian Week in Argentina - OCT 2010 (1 day).

Freelance Stylist Manager: Belen Ledesma Arocena.

- Costume Assistant, Organization and costume control.  

»  Fashion Retail Sales Assistant at Trosman (Luxury Brand) Engrama S.A. Patio Bullrich and Paseo Alcorta APR 2008 - MAR 2009 (1 year)

- Experience in Sales of custom control room and merchandise.

- Billing tasks with "Lince" and collection system. (Cashier)

- Business Advisory and developing visual merchandising and remodeling shop fronts.

- Customer service, inventory and monitoring of stock movements

- Organizing, controlling & replacing products.

»  Fashion Retail General Manager at Tizina S.A. - Aedes De Venustas (Women's Clothing Store) JAN 2007 - APR 2008 (1 year 4 months)    

Fashion Retail Brand Manager: A.Y. Not Dead, Dorina Vidoni, Charlotte Solnicki, Van Domselaar, Jesus Fernandez and Beleidades (Luxury Brands)

- General Officer multi-brands.

- Logotype design and the corporate image (graphics, cards, flyers and advertisements).

- Charge-and local manager with billing tasks. (Cashier)

- Personnel management and sales.

- Artistic design and assembly of windows and visual merchandising.

- Direct contact with suppliers and apparel brands for the purchase and acquisition of new brands. - Full stock management, supplier management and payment thereof.

»  Receptionist at Proyecto 4 – Propiedades y Arquitectura JAN 2006 - JAN 2007 (1 year 1 month)

- Receptionist and rental management with personal attention to clients.

- Organization of the agendas of the Sales Team.

- Development and drafting of contracts for rent and sale.

- Office Manager.

»  Fashion Show Assistant at Fashion Show “Spell Café” 2006 (1 day).

Freelance Stylist Manager: Roxana Belén Silva (Spell Café)

- Costume Assistant, Organization and costume control.  

»  Fashion Show Assistant at Concept Arg Freelance Press Event – “Electro Moda” at Salguero Park2006 (1 day)

- Costume Assistant, organization and costume control.  

»  Administrative Manager at Lady: Beauty Salon JAN 2004 - OCT 2005 (1 year & 10 months)

- General Manager and shop administrator.

- In charge of accounting and billing.

- Direct Sales, reception and quality control.  

»  Fashion Show Assistant at Fashion Event - “Unicenter en Escena” - Unicenter Shopping 2005 (1 day).

- Fashion Assistant

- Make-up Control & Direction

- Clothing Control and Organization.


» Nikon School, Product Photography, October 2015.

» Bendy Make Up Make-Up Artist, 2013 - 2013

» Rapunzel Make Up & Hair Stylist Hair Styling & Hair Design, 2013 - 2013

» Espacio Buenos Aires (EBA) Fashion Stylist, 2012 - 2013

» La Fabrica de Diseño de Carolina Aubele Image Design and Fashion Stylist, 2006 - 2006

» Universidad de Palermo Textile and Clothing Design, 2003 - 2005   


» Digital Arts: Adobe Creative Suite (CS-CS6 & Creative Cloud) Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premier & Acrobat.

» Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook. » Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 & OS X.


» Spanish (native).

» English (fluent).


» Fine Art Photography & Digital Illustration.